PhD Student Seminar

The EASM Virtual PhD Student Seminar is a three-day international seminar, taking place from Monday the 13th of September to Wednesday the 15th of September 2021. The seminar aims at gathering doctoral students in the field of sport management from all over the world for mutual discussions, presentations of their research projects and feedback from senior scholars. Another important element is the creation of networks, that will hopefully encourage future joint research projects across nations and the establishment of fruitful social relations.


The application period starts on the 15th of March, 2021. First time attendees are given priority. Since a maximum of 20 PhD students can participate in the seminar and spots are assigned on a first come-first served basis, we encourage you to submit an abstract as soon as possible. Given the availability of free spots, submissions are possible until the 15th of August, 2021.

Participation in the EASM Virtual PhD Student Seminar 2021 is free of charge for students who are EASM Members at the time of the seminar (become a member). Non-EASM Members with an official PhD student status will be charged a fee of 49 EUR. Participation in the EASM Virtual PhD Student Seminar 2021 includes access to all events of the 2021 EASM Festival ofSport Management Research and Practice.

The application must include a short presentation (max. 400 words, excluding references) of the PhD project including the problem statement, research field, as well as theoretical and methodological considerations. Furthermore, applicants must indicate the name(s) of their supervisor(s), their institutional affiliation and the status of their project (e.g. at the beginning, halfway or at the end). The PhD project must have a sport management perspective. Please use the main festival’s standard scientific tracks as a yardstick whether your project falls within the sport management field, but feel free to contact Chris Horbel ( in case you are unsure or would like to discuss in advance of submitting your application.

Please send your abstract and the required information via email to Chris Horbel ( and Josef Fahlén (

After confirmation of acceptance, participants need to register for the seminar and the EASM Festival of Sport Management Research and Practice via the official event booking system. Deadline for registration is 15th of August 2021. If no registration is made by that date, the place will be made available for students on the waiting list.

Requirements for participation

Submission of short paper

In order to participate, the doctoral student is required to submit and present a short paper.

Paper presentations are an important part of the EASM PhD Student Seminar. The purpose is to give young scholars the opportunity to present their work and receive comprehensive feedback from senior scholars and fellow students. We do not expect fully finished papers. On the contrary, we encourage submitting ‘early-work-in-progress’ because this provides a good point of departure for subsequent revision and improvement before submitting the manuscript to a peer-reviewed journal or integrating it in the PhD thesis.

Papers can be a first draft of a journal article, a detailed description of the research project or a (method-)chapter for the dissertation. Papers must be written in English and should be between 2,000 and 3,000 words (without references) in length. A consistent reference style must be applied.

We encourage a focus on research design, methodology or philosophy of science. This implies less emphasis on comprehensive state-of-art literature review (what is going on in the specific research area) and thorough analysis (we assume this will be the next step). Our intention is, if possible, to discuss the early-phase of the PhD research projects. For second time seminar attendees: if a methodological paper was presented the first time you attended, you might move on to present a paper containing either your theoretical framework, a state-of-the-art literature review or an outline of your analysis.

Paper presentation and discussion

Each participant will get 30 minutes for the presentation and discussion of the paper. Participants should briefly introduce their papers/projects in a presentation of max. 10 minutes. This should include highlighting key questions to fellow seminar participants or focusing on a specific topic for subsequent discussion.

Prior to the seminar, all papers will be circulated among the participants and each participant will be assigned one paper in the role as main discussant. After the presentation by the author, the assigned discussant will provide comments and feedback and chair the subsequent round of questions and comments by other participants and the senior scholars.

We put great emphasis on a comfortable atmosphere to provide fruitful and constructive feedback to each presenter, which will hopefully support progress on everyone’s project. So please bear in mind that most participants are non-native English speakers. Over the years, the EASM PhD Student Seminar has built-up a great number of successful ‘alumni’ and  fine international networks have been established.

Thank you for sharing your work with us!

Deadline for submission of the short paper is 15th of August 2021. The short paper must be submitted via email to Chris Horbel ( and Josef Fahlén ( Within a week after submission deadline, papers will be circulated and roles as discussants assigned.

Contact information

Please do not hesitate to contact the Lead Coordinator of the EASM PhD Student Seminar, Chris Horbel (, for any further academic information.