User Guides

To provide you with all important information and ensure you’ll be able to join the EASM 2021 Festival we have created five tailored user guides. Please select the one that is most relevant for your role and use a google chrome browser to access the Web App.

Attendee User Guide Speaker/Panelist User Guide Round Table Host User Guide Chair User Guide Technical Assistant/Volunteer User Guide

To join any of the eight events as an attendee please access the event using the following Link (EASM Event Web App). Please remember that you will need to be registered as a participant on conftool to be granted access.

If you have been invited to host a round table, be a speaker/panelist, chair a session, or act as the technical assistant at any of the eight events, please use the link to the “dashboard” that you have received via email from “EASM 2021 Festival” (Eureka). You will not be able to deliver your presentation if you join the event as an attendee via the app.

In case you are experiencing any technical difficulties on the day of the event please contact